The Advancers of Denver: Kelly Aguilar-Ramos

Why I Chose AdvanceEDU

I chose AdvanceEDU because I like that there was a program that was focused on helping people through their college and careers. Compared to other colleges, AdvanceEDU focuses on helping create connections with the individual and creating a flexible path for us. 

My Degree Pathway

I am working on getting my associates in general studies on my way to a bachelor’s degree in business. This fits into my future goals because I want to look to build a career in business. I was just promoted into a management role, and I’m excited to keep developing as a professional.

My Biggest Challenges

The most difficult thing about my previous college was learning how to balance school, work, and my personal life. The cost was incredibly high, so it was hard to balance that, too. 

My Favorite Part about Being an Advancer

My favorite part about AdvanceEDU is the incredible amount of support you have. You have multiple people you can reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.