Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more? Quick details about AdvanceEDU.

At AdvanceEDU we are deeply committed to collaborating with universities who provide low-cost, high-quality degrees. For example, tuition for SNHU degrees is set at $6,495 a year. There are no fees and since tuition is set right near the maximum Pell Grant award, most students will graduate with zero student debt.
  1. Complete your FAFSA application to see if you’re eligible for financial aid. Make sure you add CSU Global to your FAFSA. The school code to enter is 042087. Need help? Schedule an appointment with us!
  2. When you decide if you’d like to attend, please let us know no later than May 1, 2022! The first 20 students to enroll in our program will receive a special gift. To let us know, please complete this form.
  3. Then, schedule a meeting with us to complete enrollment forms. After you fill out the confirmation form, we’ll email you to set this up. Or you can go here to schedule a time: https://calendly.com/vanessa-roman/advanceedu-pre-enrollment-session
  4. Attend orientation during the weeks of July 4th and July 11th.
  5. Begin AdvanceEDU Onboarding on July 18th.
  6. Start your college courses on August 29th!
AdvanceEDU offers new and thoughtful approach to earning a college degree through our collaborating universities. This model combines high-quality online college degrees from accredited and non-profit universities with in-person supports aimed at helping students succeed. Every student has a personalized Success Coach, access to technology services, meals, career development opportunities, etc. These degrees allow a student to learn from anywhere and are affordable; with the college funding support we provide, 90% of AdvanceEDU-supported students attend college without student loans. A degree is possible, we believe in a team approach to college and career, and we are with you every step of the way.
Students have access to career coaching and the opportunity to develop an action plan based on their individual goals. Coaches assist in identifying resources and opportunities to learn and develop skills that are needed to enter or advance in the workforce.
AdvanceEDU Onboarding (AO) is an 4-6 week free trial period and college prep program which has two main goals. The first is to ensure that you are ready academically, emotionally, logistically, and professionally to be (back) in school — and that the timing is right. Second, AO will help determine if AdvanceEDU and online learning is a good fit for you, and for us to make sure we can serve you well.
The AdvanceEDU Onboarding period is completely risk- and cost-free; if this ends up not being the right higher education opportunity for you, no problem! We will help you figure out other options available and always be open to returning should you change your mind.
Both AdvanceEDU and collaborating universities will work with students to ensure their needs are met. Most students find that between SNHU’s self-paced and flexible curriculum and free access to Read&Write literacy software, their learning needs are effectively supported. In SNHU’s degree programs, students have unlimited time per assignment, there are no tests, there are multiple media resources available for each assignment, and students can resubmit assignments as needed without penalty. All students have free access to Read&Write literacy software for hearing text read aloud, using speech-to-text, screen masking, spell checking, and other accessibility needs, in addition to the online Writing Center, academic coaches, and 24/7 tutoring. SNHU’s Disability and Accessibility Services can provide additional accommodations for vision and hearing impairments, as well as Open Dyslexic Font and Equation software for math.
AdvanceEDU and collaborating universities both provide academic support and scaffolds for English language learners. A student’s Success Coach will help students identify their personal needs, the best aligned resources, and learning strategies that work for them. SNHU students have online access to the Writing Center, academic coaches, 24/7 tutoring, and skill-building workshops, among other resources. All students have free access to Read&Write literacy software for hearing text read aloud, using speech-to-text, picture dictionaries, spell checking, and more.
Should a student require it, RTD passes will be provided for transportation needs. We also offer complimentary parking at our co-learning campus in downtown Denver.
AdvanceEDU provides laptops for all students who need them for the duration of their degree. You will be responsible for taking care of your computer and returning it to AdvanceEDU at the conclusion of your degree. We will also have access to wifi. Study space and other resources are available at our centrally located co-learning campus in downtown Denver.
AdvanceEDU can provide onsite childcare upon request at days and times that are most helpful for our student parents.

Start your career, then pay for college.

If you’re not yet an AdvanceEDU student, begin your application or reach out to speak to a member of the team. If you’re a current or accepted student, contact your Success Coach.