Our Team

The team of experts dedicated to helping you on your college journey.

College and career success doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders alone.

Our unique approach relies on partnerships with trusted, nonprofit universities. They provide our students affordable access to their degree programs, and we provide all the things that students need to be successful: a deeply supported onboarding process, personalized coaching and supports in our Denver campus, and a community of caring staff and peers that will be with them every step of the way. 

This approach means students can pursue their degree and build their career at the same time, even while working or supporting family.

Isabela Aldana

Head of Career Pathways

Holly Armstrong

Head of Student Success

Danté Bills

Success Coach

Lesley Del Rio

Recruitment Specialist

Jack Kroll

Interim Head of Outreach

Marissa Manzanares

Success Coach

Diondre Morales

Enrollment Specialist

Dalilah Romo

Operations Associate

Maria Soyka

Success Coach

Lauren Trent

Lauren Trent

Chief Executive Officer

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