You want to make a real difference and enjoy helping young people see their potential. Let AdvanceEDU support you in an affordable and supported education pathway as you prepare for a career in teaching!

AdvanceEDU offers a pathway to teaching unlike any other in Colorado.

You start by selecting ANY bachelor’s degree pathway through AdvanceEDU’s university collaborators. We’ll support you while you earn a degree while also preparing you for success in one of PEBC’s two teacher preparation programs.

Your success coach will help you stay on track academically and address any obstacles that may come up along the way. At the same time, the AdvanceEDU team can support you in a paid support position in a school so you can earn your degree and build your career at the same time.

When you’re ready, you’ll have access to a preferential admissions process through PEBC with lots of support from the AdvanceEDU team.

In Partnership With:

Colorado State Global University
Public Education and Business Coalition

What is PEBC?

PEBC is an education non-profit, based in Denver, Colorado that strives to create schools and systems worthy of our children. PEBC represents a convergence of stakeholders keen to uplift learning opportunities for each and every student. Through its innovative teacher training model, the PEBC Teacher Residency prepares teachers for an exceptional career as an early childhood, elementary, or secondary teacher through a hands-on licensure program. As a PEBC Teacher Resident, candidates are trained and supported by expert instructors and coaches who are committed to the candidate’s success.
As a result, 82% of PEBC Teacher Residency teachers stay in the classroom for five years, well above the national average.

Get started with a bachelor's in one of our three career pathways:

Or complete a bachelor’s degree in any of the other degrees offered by our college collaborators


Criminal Justice
CSU Global
Getting your Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from CSU Global will help you develop a deep understanding of the inner workings of law enforcement, corrections, and the law itself, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to serve as a criminal justice professional.

Example Careers

Project Manager


Human Services
CSU Global
Human Services professionals are crucial to building a thriving society, as they’re responsible for providing support and assistance to various fragile populations and vulnerable people. If you’re compassionate about others and you want to find a way to help them, then getting your Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services is an excellent option. With this degree, you can launch a career in a rewarding role toward helping others.

Example Careers

Project Manager

Not sure what path is right for you?

AdvanceEDU’s flexible and supportive program will help you explore career options along the way.

We’re here to help! At AdvanceEDU, you can participate in career assessments and personalized coaching to help you find career options that align with your interests, strengths, and desired income level.

We can even help you test-drive a potential career through a paid full-time placement or co-op with one of our employer partners. Whether you’re looking for your first career-related role, advance in your current career, or switch careers, AdvanceEDU works with employers across Denver to help you find the perfect role and keep you supported every step of the way.

Earn while you learn.

Get started on your degree and build your dream career with our earn-and-learn approach.

AdvanceEDU’s supportive program and career placement will help you on your educational and professional journey.

We can even help you test-drive a potential career through paid placements or co-ops with one of our employer partners.

hybrid college learn career-building job placements

Connecting you with community and career options.

Our partnerships with top Colorado employers, and with organizations like Colorado Thrives, Activate Workforce, and CareerWise Colorado give our students access to amazing career opportunities while they are earning their degree. Starting your career while you go to school helps keep college debt-free and can give you experience for your resume.

We’re with you on your journey.