Governor Polis is all in for AdvanceEDU

“No matter where you’re from or what your background is, it’s important that you have an opportunity for education. Creating opportunities for all Coloradans to get the skills they need is very important.” – Governor Polis.

On November 16, 2022, AdvanceEDU was honored to have Governor Jared Polis visit our student support center to celebrate the success of our students. His presence was truly inspiring for all members of the organization. 

(Alongside our students and staff, our founder, Kent Thiry, and CEO, Lauren Trent, were in attendance with board members Rosemary Rodriguez and Meg Lafave)

During the celebration, students had the opportunity to ask questions and share their stories with the governor. Polis acknowledged their efforts as they balance school, career, and their families, as well as the hard work of our incredible staff, especially our success coaches. 

Additionally, Polis voiced his support for our mission, earn-and-learn model, and higher education for all Coloradans. He states, “As trailblazers, AdvanceEDU students are advancing a path to success… We are excited to see this kind of innovation in skills-based higher ed.” Polis continues to advocate for equity in education and believes in our organization’s potential to contribute to the state’s upward mobility.

Not only was this celebration an iconic moment for the organization’s continued growth, but it was also a major event for our students. To recognize their academic accomplishments, our students received award certificates based on their individual milestones. They also got gift bags filled with goodies, including our logo beanie! We look forward to tracking their progress toward bright futures!

We want to thank Governor Polis again for visiting our student support center! AdvanceEDU is proud to have our students voice their experiences as we support them in their academic journeys. 

AdvanceEDU is excited to continue our commitment to providing Denver students with a college experience that is flexible, supported, and affordable.