7 Reasons to Accelerate College with AdvanceEDU During COVID19

2020 will certainly be a year for the history books! We’ve all faced some incredible  personal and professional challenges this year. But we believe in taking those challenges and turning them into opportunities! Here are a few reasons why we think now might be the best time to start your college journey:

  1. No time like the present! Don’t let COVID slow your momentum.

Research tells us that students who delay enrollment in college are less likely to graduate and may lower long-term earnings. As recently reported in Inside Higher Ed, two 2005 studies suggested that students who delay enrollment are 64 percent less likely than their “on-time” peers to complete a bachelor’s degree and 18 percent less likely to complete any college credential. That’s why we agreed with Simon Sinek when he said: “Dream big, start small, but most of all, start”. But you don’t need to start alone, the team at AdvanceEDU is here to help you chart a path forward–whether it’s with us or another great higher education option.

  1. The economy is tough right now. But affordable options do exist…

The cost of tuition at a more traditional university can be quite expensive. During the COVID era, tuition rates at these colleges aren’t decreasing, yet students at these colleges aren’t getting the full experience either. Residence hall life and in-person classes just aren’t the same this year. That’s why this is the perfect time to consider innovative options like AdvanceEDU, where coursework is online and was built that way, and it’s a much more affordable option at only $6,400 per year.

  1. Why not earn and learn?

Are you committed to working full time right now? No sweat! Pursuing a college degree while working (especially in the same field) can lead to a more meaningful  learning experience, while also helping you keep a steady income. AdvanceEDU is a flexible college model built with the needs of working students at the forefront. We can also help you upgrade your career or land that first job in your field of study–all while still pursuing your degree.

  1. Want to keep your options open? Use this time to knock out your general education courses.

So maybe you’re interested in a more traditional college down the road, but now just isn’t the time. Instead of taking a year off of school, this could be a good time to get your general education courses and even complete an Associate’s degree. At AdvanceEDU, you can do just that and transfer that credential to another institution or even finish your bachelor’s degree with us.

  1. Not sure what you want to do with your career? Don’t stall out. Take this time to explore career options and try some things out.

Maybe you’re completely undecided on your future career path.Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about going a different direction with your career for a while now. This is a great time to pause and explore different career options. AdvanceEDU offers personalized career exploration and paid internships as well as job placement and career resources. This way by the end of COVID, you might be ready for the career shift you’ve been dreaming of.

  1. Living in the midst of a pandemic is hard. We’re all in it together.

Being quarantined can feel very isolating. Pursuing college might be a great way to meet new people and find a community even if it’s a virtual one. AdvanceEDU is a community of learners first and foremost. We connect with our students every week and offer personalized support to help them navigate their academic and career journey.

  1. Take some YOU time. 

Self care is critical to surviving this unprecedented period. Our experienced coaches can help you take the time you need to evaluate the barriers that might be holding you back, and also supporting your unique needs as you pursue next steps in your education or degree. Sometimes you’ll need academic support, and sometimes you’ll just need a thought partner to address life challenges that come up–either way, our coaches are here for YOU during this challenging time.